Locke Innovations is Shannon and David Perlow

Shannon and I love taking photographs. We both have a passion for capturing moments in our lives. When I first met Shannon one of the first things I realized about her was her love of photography.

We shot our first wedding together in San Diego in 2002. A friend of ours was getting married on the beach and asked Shannon to take her wedding photos. Crazy as it seemed then, I was in San Diego and Shannon surprised me by showing up and asking me to second shoot for her. It was all film back then and our friends bought multiple roles of color and B&W film and handed them to us. Shannon loaded up her Canon and I loaded up my Nikon and we had a ton of fun that day.

Side note: If you ever decide to take up wedding photography, shooting your first wedding on a beach where you can impress your future wife by running out into the ocean to get some amazing shots is definitely the way to go! I know from experience. :)

After that, we started getting ask by other friends and acquaintances if we would be interesting in being their wedding photographers. Back then, we had no idea that our hobby and love for stories and travel would turn into a full-time business for Shannon.

One of the reasons we are Wedding Photographers is our love for what marriage stands for the commitment it represents. Every time we photograph a wedding, we get to be reminded of that first day of our own commitment to each other.

If you are considering hiring us for you wedding, know this:
You are hiring two people who definitely do not have all of the answers about marriage, but who are committed to learning, changing, and never giving up on each other. We want to give you tangible memories that in 5 years, 10 years or after 50 years you will look back at your wedding photographs and remember the love you had for each other on that very first day and to fight for that love every day for the rest of your lives. Your spouse is worth every second of time you can give them.
It is our deepest wish for you that you can look up from those photos of yourselves and find each other more precious to you now, than in those moments captured so long ago.

Our business has drastically changed in the last few years. As our kids have grown older we have found that for our family to grow stronger, we needed more time together which meant less time editing weddings. With that realization, came a renewed commitment to our family time, so we started taking fewer weddings each year.

We put a lot of personal time and touch into each and every wedding. So, to best serve our clients, and give 100% on all our weddings we now get to serve a limited amount of clients. No more than one a month generally, as we purposefully strive for excellence in our ability give the best care to each client. We want to take CARE of you on YOUR day making it the most relaxed memorable day of your lives, meanwhile doing our jobs to make sure we capture the most amazing photography that you will cherish forever!

If you are interesting in our photography, please don't hesitate to contact us as we often book up way in advance!
We love learning about your story together and how you've decided to make one of life's greatest commitments together.
We would feel honored to be a part one of the most important days of your life and humbled to have the opportunity to 'Capture your Forever'.